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2016 division of the division system management
Source:   Date:2016/8/4   times:
The function of the management of the integral system
A person’s ability
One refers to the ability of a person’s educational background, professional title, management personnel office, the staff of the technical expertise and personal skills and so on, such as technical secondary school, junior college degree, bachelor degree, research student degree, managers, supervisors, workshop director, team leader, the backbone; graphic designer, accounting and so on. Personal strengths: such as work speak Mandarin, speak a foreign language, can sing and dance, do the chair, will play the piano and so on. These are all employees have, is an important factor to reflect the size of a person’s ability, employees as long as these elements, each month will get a certain amount of fixed points. This means that employees have the ability to enter the company can be recognized by the integration. Any administrative institution, state-owned enterprises can not do this. Enterprises to the integration is not very high, but the feeling is particularly good staff.
Two, comprehensive performance
People’s ability and comprehensive performance of both contact and there is a difference. Because the person who has the ability to be able to perform, also can not show, the ability is not strong person also can have excellent performance. For example: in the working enthusiasm, some employees see difficulties, some difficult let; some sick work, some not pretending to be sick; some is afraid of dirty, afraid of tired, some are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired. In work responsibility and enterprising spirit, some employees to work as a business to deal with, the company as their own things to do, the work of a conscientious and responsible, very few errors, work is not just to earn money, more important is learning how to behave, learn professional knowledge, professional and technical learning, in order to realize their ideals, their value view; and some employees to work just for money, indifferent to the company, without an objective in life, not lofty ideals, no correct values. In the performance of the work, the number of business work done, it is to be linked to the integral. In take the initiative to work overtime on employees work overtime every day, according to the difference between the jobs, skills, can get a certain standard of integral, per overtime a hours can get bonus points 2 points; every technological innovation and every master a new skill can get thousands of integral reward points. In concern to the company, the staff proposed rationalization proposals or is to provide valuable information can get a certain amount of bonus points; employees for the company to find talent, dig a talent, according to the situation of the talent, get hundreds to thousands of rewards points. And employees to do good deeds, returning lost money, donated, offer love and so on, can get a certain number of points award points. Staff to participate in useful activities, such as climbing game, tug of war, table tennis, tennis, eat watermelon game, orange eating contest, beer drinking competition and so on, who participated in the staff, each can be get 20 points rewards points, ranking and bonus points. Employees to honor their parents, the Spring Festival to their parents bought a gift, but also to get a percentage of the award points. In a word, all kinds of behavior and performance of employees can be linked with the integral.
Three, a full range of quantization
A full range of quantification is the performance of each employee behavior should be used to assess the 360 degree of integration. In addition to good performance to give the award, performance of various irregularities, poor staff will give poor performance points. For example employees late, leave early to give the corresponding deduction, employees do not wear badges, do not wear clothes to give points, the employees to work not to turn off the computer, employee health contract area is not clean, employees are not subject to the division of labor, employees’ absenteeism and fight, curse, fight and to give the corresponding deduction. It even employee thought to quantify, for example, the staff put forward a suggestion to get 20 points score bonus points, the backbone of the said company ill, can get 20 points. Because only do a full range of quantitative assessment, the integral to represent a person’s comprehensive performance, in order to be recognized by the company’s employees and managers, in order to hook up with a variety of benefits.
Four, software records
Integration management, although the principle is simple, due to the formation of a complete set of management system, so it is a very complex system of management. But as a result of the development of a set of "integral system management software", and make the complexity of the work is very simple. In the daily management, the staff’s academic background, professional title, position, skill grading fixed points, do not need manual operation, automatically generated by the software on time. At the same time, some individual event award points, points input computer, software automatic classification, automatic summarization, automatic sub sector, automatic phase, automatic ranking. And integral solution points system management to increase the workload, in general, do not need to set full-time staff, equipped with part-time staff, less than 100 enterprises, every day a person not more than 1 hours of work, you can finish all the integral system for the management of the work, more than 500 enterprises need to consider full-time staff.
Five, permanent use
Integration into individual accounts, employees as long as they do not leave the company, integral life and effective, after the use of non reduction is not cleared, repeated use of the. At the same time, the role of the integration is divided into two categories, one is to inform in advance, so that employees know what the role of the integration in advance, has begun to implement the role of the following aspects.
5_1. linked to employee benefits. In the enterprise, the employee wages no chapter to follow, many enterprises are employees to quit, is to consider to give employees a wage increase. So, some employees want to raise wages hit the report. This approach is the most passive way, the boss money is out, but the staff feel very bad. Companies to raise wages and personal points linked to the individual, the staff of the integral increase of 1 per million, you can enjoy a discussion on whether to increase wages. Of course, whether the rise in wages should also be combined with the basic performance of individual employees and other factors, such as the basic salary of individuals has reached the highest standard, even if there is a chance to discuss, it does not rise. If there is space, and meet the conditions, each can rise 50 yuan of basic wages, in particular, has just entered the staff, a comprehensive performance of good, high points, then wages will rise faster. But should pay attention to the integration and the individual up wages linked, but must not be directly linked to the individual’s wages.
5_2. and travel linked. One is traveling abroad in each of the three indexes, managers, middle-level cadres, staff a, highest score are eligible to participate in, from Hong Kong, Macao, gradually to arrange to Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and other. Finally, is the United States. We have been implemented for 6 years, many very young employees, due to the outstanding performance of the work has been several times to travel abroad. Two is the domestic tourism, each department has the staff to participate in. For example, in 2010 the company announced the beginning of the year, each department to the top three points in June, the top employees to see World Expo in Shanghai. In early July, the company a total arrange the 46 high employee, you to Shanghai to play of very happy, the other employees in the company deal with daily work, and cannot rest, otherwise, every day buckle 1000 points, the company’s work is not affected. Third is a day tour around, but also with the integral hook. Go back to the same day. At the same time travel with a photographer, come back to do a TV feature film, the company did not go to the staff to see, but also to feel happy with.
5_3. linked to the end of the bonus. By the end of 2010, the company from each department choice one of the most high, and in accordance with the ranking, according to rank bonuses. The highest score for 6000 yuan, followed by 5000 yuan, 4000 yuan, 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan, 900 yuan, 800 yuan... Every department has a staff to get the end of the year award. But the ranking of each person is different, the amount of money is also different, this method is actually the company’s development of the red bonus, incentive effect is particularly good. Of course, the company benefits, and each department can also increase the quota, increase the standard bonus, but no matter how, is not the average payment.
5_4. and Spring Festival release material linked. Spring Festival every year, most companies have to give employees the Spring Festival materials, but generally the average hair, as much as everyone. But in art group, the average is not issued, but according to integral qualifying, when the integral of the top 20 highest employee arrangement with apple, pear, chicken, fish cake, cake, peanut, melon seeds and so on, among most of the employees of two pieces of fruit, zero and negative employees only a fruit. This program breaks the traditional average distribution, so that the role of incentives to increase exponentially.
5_5. and go out training hook. All employees of the high points, are relatively good and stable staff performance, so they are eligible to enjoy the expatriate training, expenses from the company, arrangements to go out and learn new technology, of course, is signed training contracts.
5_6. integral to gangu. Gangu refers to employees do not need to pay, can be allotted a certain number of shares, as long as work in the company every year enjoy the performance shares dividends. Points to reach more than 1 00000, belonging to the company irreplaceable technical personnel, excellent management, can turn a certain number of shares. 2011, a total of 21 individuals, 50 thousand to 100 thousand yuan per person, the annual dividend ratio of not less than 6%, and the Department’s goal and task of the hook, the benefit is good, but also can increase the proportion of dividends.
5_7. subsidies for electric vehicles. Where more than 10 employees, the individual to buy electric vehicles, the company can grant 1000 yuan in cash; if you do not need to buy electric cars, buy Apple phones, can be brought in cash 1000 yuan. Therefore, Apple’s mobile phone company occupies more than the amount of other companies in the region.
5_8. grant car allowance. Score of more than 20 million employees, entitled to purchase subsidies for car qualification, the purchase amount in 10 thousand yuan of the following, the amount of subsidy for 10000 yuan, purchase amount in more than 10 million yuan for each additional 1 million yuan, purchase subsidies 1000 yuan, the maximum subsidy for 2 million yuan. In 2011, the company has 4 people eligible to receive car subsidies. Relatively speaking, the staff to buy the car better, the boss was more happy.
5_9. for the high integration of employees to buy financial insurance. Integration of more than 30 employees, the company to do a financial insurance, the company paid 10 thousand yuan a year, a total of 10 years, and then wait for 10 years, the employee can get 300 thousand cash. Young employees can be used for their children to get married, older employees can be used for pension. But if employees leave, the right to use the right to automatically owned by the company, plans to do the first batch of 10 employees, the second batch of 45 from the beginning, and then do 10. Using this method, if the way to go, the results of the staff to achieve his desire, but the boss also get an unexpected return. So some people think that this is not a talent, is tied to talent. Because the long-term ownership of the staff to solve the problem, to leave the highest level of talent.
In a word, scores of people can enjoy many special treatment, scores of people to participate in staff meetings and pour out the tea, use special for customers of luxury bathroom, can use special for customers of the shoe cleaning machine, can follow the boss out plane trips, to participate in the exhibition and so on.
Six, the benefits of the integration of the unknown
Why is unknown, because the company’s future development and revenue is also unknown. If the benefits increase, the company can increase the number of new and integral linked benefits at any time. For example, 5 years after the highest score is likely to reward a car, 10 years later, the highest award of a housing units, often these unknown and suspense has a greater incentive. [1]
Characteristics of integral system management
When an enterprise has established the integral system management system, it has overcome many disadvantages of the traditional management method, solved a lot of problems that money can’t solve. Enterprise with the integration of this line, you can affect all aspects of the staff, so as to maximize the mobilization of staff to maximize the subjective initiative.
One, increase the execution of the system.
After the implementation of the integration of management and employees of various irregularities will be penalized, because not deduct money, employees feel more human nature and received the punishment signal and all kinds of illegal behavior can be handled, greatly increasing the execution of the system.
Two, to meet the spiritual needs of employees.
Staff work is not only for wages, bonuses, and a higher spirit of the pursuit of. After the implementation of the integration of management, staff points higher, indicating that their contribution to the company, in the position of the company is higher, self achievement sense is stronger, especially integral accumulated lifetime, is not zero, not void, always effective. With accumulation of the integral, the spiritual needs of employees satisfied.
  Three, to solve the drawbacks of egalitarianism in assignment.
Egalitarian distribution of interests is one of the major drawbacks of small and medium-sized enterprises, the average distribution of benefits, although happy, but not to real incentive effect. After the implementation of the integration system management, the staff of the Ranking Ranking clear, equivalent to every day in the assessment of advanced, a variety of benefits to the high score crowd. In the past some bosses secretly sent a red envelope, to mobilize the enthusiasm of a person, after the spread of the impact of a large number of people’s enthusiasm, into a public release, a red envelope to mobilize the enthusiasm of a large number of people.
Four, is conducive to retain talent.
Small and medium-sized enterprises to retain talent, because there is no bargaining chip to retain talent. Integral management system to solve the chips talent leave, employees points higher, benefits will be more, points, the higher the less willing to leave the company, so as to solve the high wage, high reward does not stay a long-standing problem of the talent.
Five, is conducive to the rapid formation of a healthy corporate culture.
Enterprise culture is the habit of the enterprise, the habit of enterprise is the integration of employee habits. Integration of management with the award divided into the training of the staff of good habits, points restrict their bad habit, the habit of employee from bit by bit grabbed. By constantly, bonus points, bring the change of employee behavior and habits, healthy corporate culture will quickly form.
Six, is conducive to saving management costs.
  Why is the integration system to manage cost savings? Because integral does not need to spend money to buy, do not need to go through the formalities for examination and approval, which is the Arabic numerals, inexhaustible; at the same time, integral does not directly linked with money, speak rank (rank), treatment is tilted to the high population, the company always put the money on the blade, save the massive incentive cost.
Seven, do not need to change the rules and regulations, change the process.
Each enterprise has its own management system, have their own rules and regulations, there are standardized production processes. After the implementation of the integration of management, which do not need to be changed, only need the bonus points, points of the standard into the existing policies and procedures, you can enter the examination operation.
Eight, humanization, more easy to accept.
Integral management of the core is to make excellent employees do not suffer, tilt to the high population welfare, employee performance through the integral to be recognized and therefore more humane; past buckle money change points, points than deduct money more human, is easy to be accepted by employees; does not require employees to do too much ideological work, through bonus points, points signal to the employees, employees are willing to accept.
Nine, solve the daily management of a variety of problems.
Integration system management in the management of the enterprise can be infinitely extended, infinite refinement. For example, the integral and quality management linked, can solve various problems in the quality management system, quickly to improve the quality of the products; and service attitude of the hook, the customer is satisfied with the parties get bonus points, customer complaints parties be penalized, can rapidly enhance enterprise service water flat; linked to the health management and health condition of business immediately change; and disciplinary meeting and speak positively linked immediately the health conference culture; employees and overtime hook, immediately solve the employees are not willing to work overtime.
Ten, to solve the problem of family management.
In the early stage of business, family business management will play a very good role, but with the development of the enterprise, the management of family enterprises will be more and more. After the implementation of the integration of management, the company’s family members and other staff alike with integral evaluation, fundamentally solved the long-standing problem of the family enterprise management.
Eleven, the size of the company can be used.
Integral management of this method from restrictions on the size of the enterprise, because more than three companies can through the integral ranking discharged, thousands, tens of thousands of people the company can also be sub sector, sub workshop assessment. Small companies with this approach to the company bigger, big companies with this approach to continuously improve the internal management, the enterprise to do strong.
Twelve, the industry is not affected.
  Integral for all walks of life can be used, because of management have 90% are interlinked, such as every enterprise want employees to take the initiative to work, creative work on employees’ expectations and requirements are the same. This method has been extended to the industry, manufacturing industry, advertising, printing, beauty salons, hotels, foot and other service industries, the real estate industry, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies in all walks of life.
Thirteen, not affected by the level of management culture.
Enterprise managers of the cultural level of difference is very large, and this method is simple, there is no profound theory, only the addition subtraction, both good understanding, and easy to operate, not limited by the level of management.
Fourteen, easy to implement landing.
Management training very much, many management methods of strong theory, sounds excited, back to the company is very difficult to operate the implementation, not the floor. And the integral system management is very easy to implement this method, and the longer the time, the staff of the higher the score, the better the effect will be.
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