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Human resource policies
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Human resources policy


Competitive salary:

The company conducts annual salary survey, pays close attention to the market salary changes, and timely adjusts the salary policy to ensure the competitive salary level.

The company has a perfect performance appraisal system, which makes reasonable performance targets according to employees’ performance and department goals, so as to achieve personal performance and corporate strategy.

Excellent employee award: select excellent employees every month, encourage old employees to lead new employees and give rewards, hold lean improvement commendation conference every month, encourage employees to be innovation-driven and pursue excellence.


Good career development:

To provide employees with broad career development space. Choose appropriate career development channels based on employees’ personal ability and willingness:

Development channels include: management growth channels, technology growth channels, sales growth channels, administrative growth channels.


Multi-dimensional training mechanism:

The company faces the international, devotes to become the advanced manufacture. As a fast developing high-tech enterprise, we constantly improve the multi-dimensional training mechanism and staff growth mechanism.

Comprehensive training system: induction training, team (department) training, professional skills training, special internal training, external training, etc.

Diversified training forms: classroom teaching, theme discussion, case sharing, online learning, interactive experience, action learning;


Comprehensive insurance coverage:

The company shall purchase social insurance and other statutory benefits for employees in accordance with the law, so that employees can fully enjoy the basic pension, basic medical treatment, unemployment, work-related injury, childbirth and other social insurance benefits. At the same time, in order to ensure the personal and property safety of employees, the company buys commercial insurance.


Mature learning organization:

The company sets up learning meetings and carries out various learning activities on a regular basis. Such as: thematic learning, English learning, etc., to provide a good learning atmosphere for employees, committed to staff growth.


Humanized management mechanism:

To provide staff children with points to help them go to school, provide transport services, equipped with children’s activities room. In addition to legal holidays, special holidays: March 8 women’s day holiday.


Petite staff activities:

The company regularly organizes or participates in all kinds of interesting activities, such as tug-of-war competition, Dragon Boat Festival games, fun games for employees, etc.


Comprehensive health care:

Every year, the company organizes relevant employees to carry out occupational health examination, adding a peace of mind for the health of employees.

Add:No 1, Jinsha Road West, Shajiao Industrial Estates, Shipai, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Dongguan Readore Electronics Co. , Ltd Tel:+86 0769-89255001 89255009 Fax:+86 0769-89255002 89255003
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